How to apply your BeauMama Nail Wraps

No Applying Standard Nail Wraps


  1. Start by washing your hands to make sure your hands and nails are clean of any hand creams, cleaning products, nail polish remover, etc. Use washing up liquid or an antibacterial cleaner to make sure you have removed all residues.
  2. Prepare your nails if you haven’t recently - push your cuticles back gently, file your nails to shape. If you have very damaged nails, you can apply a base coat before you apply your wraps if you wish.
  3. Prepare your wraps - it helps the wraps to apply more easily if they are warm, especially the glitter ones as these are thicker. You can gently warm them with a hair dryer first, in your hands, or even just pop them in your pocket for five minutes before you use them!
  4. Choose the right size wrap for your nail from the 8 sizes available – you may also find that you don’t use them in the size order they are on the strips! If you are between sizes, choose the slightly smaller size, as you don’t want to lay wraps on top of your cuticles.
  5. Peel the clear protective film off the top of the nail wraps you are using. Leave it on the ones you aren’t using so they don’t dry out.
  6. Peel off the nail wrap from its backing paper and place it on your nail from the cuticle end, smoothing down gently. We recommend smoothing it from side to side to avoid over stretching, and possible shrinkage from the tip.
  7. Try to position the wrap so that there is a tiny gap between the skin and the wrap at the sides and cuticle. If the wrap is stuck over the skin or cuticle, there is a greater chance it will lift up and come off.
  8. Cut off most of the excess wrap with scissors and fold the remaining excess down over the tip of the nail.
  9. Use a nail file to file at 90 degrees to remove any remainder of the wrap.
  10. Cover with a thin layer of clear top coat to seal and prolong wear time. Do be aware that not all top coats are compatible with nail wraps, and some can cause them to shrink. We recommend Barry M Wet Set Top Coat. You can use others – but do test them first to make sure they don’t cause shrinkage.
  11. Wait a few hours after application before immersing your hands in water to give the best chance of the wraps adhering for the maximum wear time (shortly before bed is an ideal time to apply the wraps!) Although we do recommend rubber gloves for washing up in general when wearing the wraps.


Applying Semi Cured Gel Wraps

Follow the same process as above, but place your nails under a UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds to cure at the end instead of using a top coat.